Eye on films, i love mondays!

Eye on films, i love mondays!

WIDE, Eye on Films, Dailymotion and Realeyz ARE GLAD TO INTRODUCE YOU EYE ON FILMS, i love mondays!

Eye on films, i love mondays!

Eye on Films and Dailymotion join forces once again for the organization of a yearly event that allows internet users to have free access to a new VoD sneak-preview on Dailymotion every first Monday of every month. 

At the present time, with the return of Mega, massive piracy of blockbusters and independent productions, our goal is to offer internet users a legal and attractive way to watch a selection of quality films all year long. 

In agreement with the rights-holders, Internet users will be able to discover or rediscover great filmmakers of tomorrow and the first steps of recognized actors. By proposing films from 8 different countries and that have been selected in the most prestigious festivals (Mostra di Venezia, Sundance, Toronto, Berlin…), we wish to give the chance to as many people as possible to have access to quality cinema. 

Each film will be offered for free on Dailymotion and available right after that for a catch-up session for only 1,99 €. The films will be available in France, UK, Canada and USA (also in Germany on realeyz.tv)

Internet users will discover the thematic cycles here :
Eye on Films official website : www.eyeonfilms.org (EoF Channel)
Official page on Dailymotion : www.dailymotion.com/eyeonfilms-ilovemondays
Official page on realeyz.tv : www.realeyz.tv/de/

Thirst of expressing oneself, claiming, letting go – 3 engaged films on passionate adolescence
To discover in February/March/April

Provoke, cheat, challenge, drug deal, survive – 3 highly charged films on hasty fates
To discover in May/June/July

Experience / go through life, love, solitude – 3 generous films on silent emotions
To discover in August/September/October

Love, schemes, adoration, secrets – 3 alternative films with reactive style
To discover in November/December/January