About us

Created in January 2011, Eye on Films is a unique, global network of film professionals, which guarantees the circulation of a selection of first feature films in festivals partners in Europe and third countries, and the commercial exploitation of these films by distribution partners in Europe and third countries.

Eye on Films (EoF) follows several objectives:
- To build a network of festival and distribution partners throughout the world, in both European and third countries;
- To create a Label of first feature films composed of both European and non-European titles, selected by the EoF Partners with the support of well-known advisors;
- To ensure the screening of these EoF titles in the Festival Partners;
- To ensure the commercial exploitation by the Distribution Partners of these Films in each participating territory;
- To create synergies between festival and distribution partners, in order to maximize the visibility, the promotion and the marketing of the EoF titles;
- To create branding and communication around the EoF titles through the Label, which will benefit to both Festival and Distribution Partners, and will bring a positive leverage in future discussions with rights holders and national film centers;
- To give online information and access to the EoF titles.

This new business model will definitively enhance the cinematographic diversity, promote debute films, and highlight emerging authors. This project specifically guarantees the theatrical exhibition of several films, by mutualizing the promotion in film festivals and at the occasion of releases by local distributors.

The selection of the films to be part of the EoF Label is carried out by a commission of film professionals functioning as a Selection Committee, which is composed of the EoF Partners (festivals and distributors) with the support of well-known advisors, and is made through Cinando, the online database of Cannes Market.

Films are submitted by producers or sales agents, uploaded on Cinando and then redirected to the EoF Voting Plateform on Cinando, in order for EoF Partners to watch the films online, and vote for it online, immediately.

More information about the submission process can be found on:

More information about the EoF Voting Plateform on Cinando can be found on:
EoF Voting Plateform on Cinando

Once confirmed to be part of the EoF Label, the films have the chance to get a strong coverage within the framework of the EoF Festival Tour, and to be theatrically released by the Distribution Partners.

One main aspect of Eye on Films is the idea of reciprocity between Europe and third countries.

Within the framework of Eye on Films, we encourage European Festivals to screen non-European titles of the EoF Label; and reciprocally we encourage non-European Festival to screen European titles of the EoF Label.

Thanks to the financial support of MEDIA Mundus, a programme of the European Union, Distribution Partners can be granted with a financial support for the P&A costs associated to the release of one title of the Eye on Films Label, provided the fact that the allocated amount of may not exceed 50% of the P&A costs.

As a global Network of film professionals, EoF is in a unique position to guarantee a wider distribution, promotion and circulation of European and non-European films at an international level, in a complementary approach with existing networks because of the following distinctive features:
- Partnerships Festival/Distributor;
- Focus on first time directors only;
- Key Festivals involved all around the world;
- Mix of well-established Distributors and newcomers with innovative approaches;
- Exploitation not only in theatres but on all media, including new platforms;
- Contractual guarantee of festival exposure and commercial distribution;
- Fiversity and reciprocity in all actions.

About us